36+ Chocolate Dessert Recipes

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On this incredible list of 36+ Chocolate Dessert Recipes, you’ll find everything your chocolate-lovin’ heart ever desired. Trust me when I say this list contains an array of the best chocolate desserts that will satisfy any chocolate addict’s cravings.

Collage of Chocolate Dessert Recipes

I’m back with more….you guessed it CHOCOLATE! Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate (that’s me, doing a chocolate happy dance). If you’re a frequent visitor here at The Flour Handprint, you know I LOVE all things chocolate.

I’ve even published a comprehensive guide called Types of Chocolate: A Guide to Cooking with Chocolate so my fellow from scratch cooks can tackle their cocoa inspired baking projects with confidence.

But my ever growing chocolate dessert collection on the blog just wasn’t enough, so I set out to compile a list of the best chocolate desserts – all things gooey, fudgy, creamy and crunchy!

Below you’ll find chocolate dessert recipes to suit every mood, all made from scratch, and from talented bloggers and recipe developers I respect. Cakes, cookies, candies, brownies and soooo much more. I hope you find that perfect treat to satisfy that craving!


a stack of three olive oil brownies on a white plate

Fudgy and classic, but made with a clever twist – Olive Oil Brownies are butter (dairy) free without sacrificing one bit of tasty chocolate flavor.

Cherry Chocolate Brownies from XOXO Bella

These Double Chocolate Cherry Brownies from XOXO Bella use fresh cherries to add fruity flavor. Imagine soft in the middle, crisp on the edges, and cherry in every chewy bite!

Stout Brownies stacked on a plate

Fudgy brownies and beer? Say what?? If there’s anyone I take alcohol advice from, it’s from Amanda at Burrata and Bubbles, and these Chocolate Stout Brownies are a deliciously chocolate gooey example of exactly why!

triple chocolate brownies stacked up

Not one, not two, but THREE types of chocolate make an appearance in these Triple Chocolate Brownies. Head over to Bake and Bacon for a recipe that any chocolate lover will adore!

brownies stacked and drizzled with caramel

Chocolate and booze just go together, especially in these Chocolate Whiskey Brownies from Saporito Kitchen. Don’t forget the drizzle of caramel sauce to make it dessert perfection.

Drizzle & Drink

a jar of fudge sauce with a strawberry dipped in

Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce, need I say more? This from scratch dessert sauce is perfect for sundaes, decadent dipping or straight up eating off a spoon.

a jar of chocolate syrup on a plate

When you can’t dip – drizzle! Homemade Chocolate Syrup is better than any squeeze bottle you’ll find at the store. Easy ingredients, easy to make, stores for a month, and SOOOO good. Helllooo chocolate milk perfection.

a cup of french hot chocolate

What is French Hot Chocolate you ask? According to Dianna and Alyssa at In Fine Taste, it’s creamy, thick, sip-able chocolate heaven. You can even prep it ahead and enjoy it all week, yes please!

a chocolate martini on a black table

Whip up these glamorous Chocolate Martinis with the know how and tips from Become Betty. It’s a 3 ingredient drinkable chocolate dessert, and with a few quick steps you can enjoy that top dollar bar drink at home for a lot less.

A large glass jar of hot cocoa mix with a spoonful scattered across the wooden table in front of it sitting beside two glasses of hot cocoa with whipped cream

This recipe is one of the most popular on The Flour Handprint year after year because it’s Just. That. Good. I promise this Hot Cocoa Mix is better than ANY hot chocolate packet. Creamy, rich hot chocolate from a shelf stable mix that lasts a year.


chocolate fudge cookies on white

Chewy Chocolate Fudge Cookies from Urban Bliss Life are exactly that – chewy and fudgy and chocolatey with perfect crisp edges. Add a sprinkle of sea salt for a finishing touch.

s'mores cookies with blue ribbon

Iconic summer dessert in cookie form, yes please! These Triple Chocolate Marshmallow S’mores Cookies from On My Kid’s Plate are exactly what you need, no campfire required.

chocolate macarons scattered on a table

Gorgeous and delicious Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Macarons from Barley and Sage have chocolate in three tasty forms. Chocolate macaron shells, a luscious chocolate ganache, and a drizzle for that pretty and yummy finish.

I am so excited to share these Chocolate Crinkle Cookies from Simmer and Sauce because they’re my #1 favorite chocolate cookie. The recipe is flawless and produces a lick-your-fingers-clean soft, fudgy cookie every time.

chocolate cookies with caramel in the middle

Nothing better than a rich chocolate cookie…except for one with a sweet surprise in the middle! Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookies from Eat the Love are your gourmet cookie dream, made right at home.

brownie cookies on a white surface

Can’t decide between brownies and cookies? You don’t have to with these Chocolate Brownie Cookies from Anna Banana. They’re everything you love about both, mushed into one tasty cookie.

CAKES, Pies, & Tarts

chocolate sourdough cake sliced on a plate

Forget pancakes, use your sourdough discard to make this Sourdough Chocolate Cake from Milk & Pop. It’s soft, moist, with a perfect crust, and finished with a dreamy chocolate glaze.

chocolate layered mousse cake on a plate

Just look at those perfect chocolate layers, all three are scratch made and scream chocolate paradise. Don’t wait another second to get this Black Tie Mousse Cake Recipe from Mindee’s Cooking Obsession.

two chocolate lava cakes on white plates

Make this Chocolate Lava Cake for Two recipe from Bon Appét’Eat and treat you and a special someone to a decadent dessert. Crisp cake exterior and a gooey chocolate center await you at the end of this recipe.

chocolate cupcakes with orange slices added

Gabby at the Cookie Dough Diaries shared this Chocolate Orange Cupcakes recipe and I can’t stop drooling. They’re gorgeous, moist, and flavored naturally with oranges. Love!

chocolate cake with german chocolate filling

This tasty spin on a classic from Christina’s Cucina is layers of chocolate cake with chewy coconut caramel filling. Try this inside out German Chocolate Cake and never go back!

a slice of chocolate tart on a white plate in front of two pumpkins

One of my all time favorite chocolate desserts is my Triple Chocolate Custard Tart. It’s a chocolate shortbread crust, creamy baked chocolate custard, and a drizzle of white chocolate for that finishing touch.

chocolate souffles dusted in powdered sugar

Soufflé Au Chocolate (chocolate soufflés) are soft, fluffy chocolate cakes with an incredible texture that everyone should try once in their life (or dozens of times). Get the recipe to make it right at home whenever you want from Mission Food Adventure.

loaf of chocolate banana bread sliced

A loaf of decadent Double Chocolate Banana Bread is exactly what you should do with those overripe bananas. This quick bread from The Suburban Soapbox is even drizzled with chocolate glaze to make every bite luscious and rich.

triple chocolate cheesecake with raspberries on top

Yes, creamy baked chocolate cheesecake topped with a chocolate ganache and set on top of a chocolate cookie crumb crust is just what you’re looking for! Get this Triple Threat Chocolate Cheesecake recipe from Mom on Timeout and enjoy every luscious bite.

chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting

Chocolate and wine are always friends, especially baked into one decadent cupcake. Serena Lissy shares how to make these stunning Red Wine Chocolate Cupcakes and a red wine infused buttercream for a special, indulgent treat.

More Chocolate Dessert Recipes!

a loaf of chocolate filled bread with chocolate drizzle

Yeast raised bread with three additions of chocolate make this Chocolate Filled Bread a fun and tasty baking project. A ginger chocolate filling bakes inside, and then a drizzle of white and dark chocolate make it a gorgeous loaf to share.

chocolate custard in a ramekin

Creamy Dark Chocolate Custard is the perfect individual sized chocolate dessert to make for your guests, or just for yourself. Get all the tips and tricks to make this from Fearless Dining.

chocolate truffles in a bowl

Chinese Five Spice Chocolate Truffles will rock your world with flavors of clove, star anise, and crystallized ginger. Head over to The Spice Train to learn how to make these sophisticated treats.

chocolate gelato in a bowl

Gelato is a thing of beauty, especially when it’s homemade and you can eat as much as you want. This creamy, perfect Dark Chocolate Gelato from Chisel and Fork is everything you dream of in chocolate ice cream.

a chocolate pop tart on parchment

Ditch the foil packets and make homemade Dark Chocolate Fudge Pop Tarts instead. Cambrea Bakes will show you exactly how to make the perfect chocolate pie dough, chocolate filling, and shiny chocolate glaze.

pomegranate fudge in a pan

Homemade fudge gets a fun and tart spin with fresh pomegranate arils. Learn how to make Salted Pomegranate Chocolate Fudge from Honest and Tasty and share this gorgeous treat with everyone you know.

chocolate cups with raspberry filling

Swap the standard peanut butter for raspberry with these Simple Chocolate Raspberry Cups from the Daily Dish. Dark chocolate and a whipped raspberry filling make a gorgeous and easy no bake dessert you should try!

chocolate custard in ramekins on a wooden circle

Chocolate custard takes on a new layer with these Bailey’s Dark Chocolate Custards from Dude That Cookz. They’re decadent and creamy, but best of all, made with only 5 easy ingredients.

This classic Chocolate Fudge without Condensed Milk is a beautiful, soft texture that melts in the mouth. With just a few simple ingredients and the step by step guidance over at End of the Fork, you can make it too!

What’s better than chocolate mousse? When it’s served in an edible chocolate cup of course! Gabi over at This That More will teach you how to make both for this showstopper Chocolate Mousse Cup dessert.

chocolate caramels on white parchment

Chocolate and caramel are a natural pairing, especially when they’re together in one tasty smooth bite. Get the recipe for these easy homemade Chocolate Caramels from The Flavor Bender and enjoy a soft, chewy chocolate treat.

And there you have it, a long, long list of chocolate desserts that are rich, beautiful, and will make any chocolate lover’s day. If you’re reading this, I have to ask, what are you doing? Go meet your perfect chocolate dessert recipe, and indulge that craving with a gorgeous, decadent treat. Happy Eating everyone!

chocolate dessert ideas in a collage of images.

P.S Still don’t have enough chocolate inspiration? Check out my Cooking with Chocolate guide or my 20 Best Chocolate Easter Treats!

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