About The Flour Handprint

Hi! I’m Mikayla, wife, mother, writer, and creator of The Flour Handprint. Welcome to the journey!

It was many years ago that I first realized my love for food was more of an obsession. Aside from writing, food is my BIGGEST passion. I love to eat it, cook it, talk endlessly about it, and especially learn about it.

You could call me a research nerd. I have a voracious curiosity and am proud of it!

Life has granted me some amazing opportunities to try some spectacular food, created by amazing chefs with magic hands. But I’m not satisfied with sometimes! I wanted to have incredible food everyday, in my own kitchen, and I know I’m not alone!

Without a scholarship for the Culinary Institute of America on the horizon, I decided to combine my passions for writing and food and begin the journey of The Flour Handprint; a blog designed to not just share recipes, but to teach WHY and HOW they work, so home cooks can approach food with confidence and unlock their inner chefs. I’m a firm believer that homemade is best, and I want to share and learn all there is to know behind what makes food great.

Join me here to access recipes I develop and an ever growing encyclopedic resource of food information. I intend to leave no question unanswered! From ingredients to finished dishes, farm soil to palate, there is no area I won’t explore.

So Welcome to the Flour Handprint! Follow The Flour Handprint on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. It will be delicious!

Looking for an answer to that food question that’s been bugging you? Ask me to find the answer for you by contacting me here!

So Why “The Flour Handprint”?

Growing up my mom was always in the kitchen. She was my very first food resource and taught me the first of my recipes. More importantly she taught me that food was love. The host of many holiday dinners, and always armed with a dish to share if she wasn’t, I learned early that one of the best things about eating good food, is sharing it with the people you love.

I will always remember her showing me the perfect moment to pull sugar cookies from the oven, but what I remember most of all is that she never escaped a baking project without a white flour handprint somewhere on her person.

I can’t think of a better name than that image. One that encapsulates what food means to me: love and happiness. It will encourage and fuel my passion to discover more about food and how to share it with the world.