20 Homemade Chocolate Easter Treats

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With Easter only a week away I couldn’t be more excited to share this fabulous list of homemade chocolate Easter treats with you! I’ve been a little chocolate obsessed lately (who isn’t?), and these recipes from my fabulous fellow food bloggers will help our Easter baskets be full of delicious homemade goodness. Whether you’re looking for simple or gourmet, brunch or dessert, there’s a recipe for you!

Before We Get Started…..

A variety of chocolate products including cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and chocolate bars

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Essential tips and know how about working with chocolate ingredients in all your homemade recipes!

Chocolate For Easter Brunch

For a special occasion like a holiday get together with family, a homemade chocolate treat is the perfect order of the morning. Check out these first of 20 recipes, ideal for an indulgent morning chocolate fix.

1. Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

chocolate hot cross buns

Marie over at Sugar Salt Magic has a fabulous twist on traditional Easter hot cross buns, loaded with chocolate and entirely homemade! A pat of warm butter and they’ll be perfect for a chocolate treat Easter morning!

2. Chocolate Orange Hot Cross Buns with Orange Honey Butter

hot cross buns with orange slices and orange honey butter

If you’re a fan of the classic orange and chocolate flavor combination, Nicky’s recipe over at Kitchen Sanctuary for these orange chocolate hot cross buns is a fabulous choice for your Easter brunch!

3. Chocolate Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

chocolate rolls with cream cheese frosting

Looking for something a little non traditional, but equally delicious? Philip and Mystique at Chef Sous Chef have an amazing take on cinnamon rolls – a chocolate version! Perfect for a holiday breakfast indulgence.

Easter Desserts – Cakes & More

Brunch is over, dinner has been served, and dessert is waiting. What will you be making this year? Cake, custards, something festive the kids will love? Whatever your choice, we’ve got you covered.

4. Easter Egg Nest Cake

chocolate cake topped with chocolate cream and colored chocolate easter eggs

If you’re looking for a make ahead chocolate cake that’s sure to impress, Thanh from Eat, Little Bird has the perfect festive Easter cake for you. Gluten free and family friendly, this is a definite winner!

5. Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake

bundt cake with chocolate glaze being poured over it on a white cake stand

Did you know that bundt cakes are a traditional Easter dessert in Poland? Neither did I until I read this recipe by Alexsandra over at Everyday Delicious! This chocolate orange version is another delicious take on a classic flavor combo.

6. Easy Easter Chocolate Cake

white frosted cake with homemade chocolate leaves on top

This is a beautiful option to grace your Easter table from Alex and Faye over at It’s Not Complicated. A chocolate cake, topped with fluffy whipped cream and gorgeous homemade chocolate leaves! Make it gluten free, or with regular flour, the choice is yours!

7. Chocolate Easter Cake Pops

chocolate cake pops coated in green candy melts with easter sprinkles

Want cake in bite size portions? These absolutely adorable cake pops from Neha at Greedy Eats are begging to be made. Moist, decadent and so very festive! Don’t worry, from cake to coating, you can make it all homemade!

8. Instant Pot Chocolate Custard

creamy chocolate cusard topped with oreo dirt and orange chocolate covered strawberries

Okay, you need something festive, decadent, indulgent – but you DO NOT have time to make anything fancy. Well Sushma at Spices N Flavors has the solution with this creamy, delicious chocolate custard, made in your instant pot! Perfect for time saving dessert and easy to serve in individual portions!

9. Mini Egg Cheesecake Desserts

a pink and blue cup of creamy chocolate cheesecake with easter chocolate eggs

Creamy, simple, and so delicious, Jacqueline at Canadian Cooking Adventures has created a no-bake chocolate cheesecake perfect for Easter. Easy to serve as individual desserts, whip these up the night before, or just before dinner, either way, it’s a winner!

10. Easter Dirt Dessert

A cup of chocolate mousse topped with chocolate dirt and candied carrots

Looking for chocolate but without all that sugar? Sophie at My Dainty Soul Curry has a wonderful option! These Easter dirt desserts are made with wholesome ingredients like bananas, avocado, and natural sweeteners. A vegan, creamy dessert the kids and adults will both want to dig into!

Chocolate Easter Candies & Treats

Meal planning is taken care of, but what about those Easter Baskets? Whether your filling buckets for little ones, or trading fun Easter snacks with your adult friends and family, keep scrolling for so many AMAZING homemade chocolate Easter treats.

11. Gourmet East Candy Bark

chocolate bark with colorful chocolate eggs on top

What kid wouldn’t want to find candy topped pieces of chocolate in their Easter baskets! Toni at Boulder Lovacore will walk you through exactly how to make it, and how to make it your own! So tasty, and so festive!

12. Dried Fruit + White Chocolate Bark

white chocolate bark with dried colorful fruit on top

Beautiful brightly colored white chocolate bark is topped with festive fruit flavors for an upscale take on homemade chocolate bark. This looks and tastes like spring! We can thank Luci from Luci’s Morsels for this one!

13. Easter Egg Creme Microwave Fudge

chocolate fudge with chocolate creme eggs

Is there anything more kid friendly than the combo of chocolate fudge and creme eggs? No! Terri at Food Meanderings has an easy, fabulously festive microwave fudge recipe that’s perfect for either your Easter baskets, or to use up the leftover candy afterward! (plus it’s freezer friendly!)

14. Tempered Dark Chocolate Bunnies

homemade chocolate easter bunnies white and dark

Forget those terrible hollow bunnies and make a batch of these homemade dark chocolate bunnies from Andrea at Forest & Fauna. So cute, and so delicious, plus they’re vegan! Want to make the white chocolate version? You can here!

15. Copycat Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs

chocolate covered peanut butter shaped like eggs

Everyone loves a Reese’s, which is why making your own chocolate covered peanut butter treat will be a big hit with your Easter crowd. Simple but so, so good, Chrysa from Thrifty Jinxy will have you whipping up your own Reese’s eggs in no time at all!

16. Easy Dark Chocolate Truffles

dark chocolate truffles rolled in cocoa powder

Follow Danielle’s instructions at Went There 8 This and you can whip up dark chocolate truffles in no time! Way cheaper than store bought and surprisingly simple, these are a decadent chocolate treat for mature tastes. I certainly want some!

17. Healthy Dark Chocolate Marshmallows

a white bowl of homemade dark chocolate marshmallows

Easter and marshmallows, a match made in heaven! Make these homemade versions from Raia at Intoxicated on Life and feel good about your kids munching on these all day! According to her taste testers, they’re clouds of hot chocolate, need I say more? Yes please!

18. Easy No Bake Chocolate Coconut Nests

Chocolate covered coconut nests with chocolate eggs

If you need a quick, no bake chocolate treat, these coconut nests are an easy win! Only 2 ingredients and reminiscent of Mounds candy bars, these would look so perfect wrapped up with colorful eggs in any Easter basket. Get the recipe from Gloria over at Homemade & Yummy!

19. Extremely Addictive Milk Chocolate Peanut Bites

a pile of chocolate cups topped with peanuts and a white chocolate drizzle

The ideal combo of salty and sweet, peanut butter and chocolate, these homemade chocolate cups looked so delicious and easy I had to share them! Gloria from Homemade & Yummy shares another winner here, and you can even customize them with your choice of chocolates!

20. Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix finished products

Finally, if you want a chocolate treat that keeps on giving, make a huge batch of my homemade hot cocoa mix and separate it into individual jars for gifting. Add some colorful marshmallows or Easter sprinkles and you have a festive chocolate treat that you can enjoy for many weeks to come!

Enjoy your Homemade Chocolate Easter Treats!

I hope you’ve found your Easter answer with this fabulous list of 20 chocolate recipe. Enjoy your homemade chocolate treats for breakfast, dessert, or as a snack….or indulge this Easter holiday, and have chocolate for all three!

A long image collage of homemade easter chocolate treats

Nutrition information and cooking times are provided as a best estimate. Values may vary based upon ingredients and equipment.

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  1. I’m getting totally in Easter mood with your great round up. The first thing I’ll try soon is the healthy dark chocolate marshmallows, although I doubt that they will last till Ester;)