20+ Homemade Chocolate Easter Desserts

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Check out this collection of over 20 Chocolate Easter Desserts to discover all the delicious ways you can incorporate homemade treats into your celebrations this year. No matter how you celebrate the holiday, there’s a great recipe waiting for you!

a collection of easter desserts like chocolate bark, brownies, and peanut butter eggs.

Between Easter and Halloween is a long stretch of candy-less, chocolate-less months that deny us the fun of themed treats and the excuse to make desserts in the name of celebration. So I say live it up!

Since cooking with chocolate is my go-to for desserts 80% of the time, I compiled this fun and inspirational list of chocolate Easter desserts to help you incorporate it into your celebrations. Whether you’re looking to start or end your day with chocolate, or need homemade Easter basket treats, this list has TONS of inspiration.

I’m personally adding chocolate peanut butter eggs and healthy chocolate marshmallows to my kiddo’s baskets, and making a batch of chocolate hot cross buns for breakfast! I hope you find the perfect recipe for you!

1. Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns
Serve these warm cocoa infused buns with a pat of butter and watch everyone enjoy every chocolate chip loaded bite.
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chocolate hot cross buns

2. Easter Nest Chocolate Baked Donuts

Easter Nest Chocolate Baked Donuts
These light and fluffy Nutella infused chocolate baked donut are topped with a light, homemade Nutella frosting and festive easter candy. Serve them with brunch or dessert with a hot cup of coffee or cool cup of milk.
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a nutella chocolate donut with frosting and easter eggs on top.

3. Chocolate Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting

Chocolate Rolls with Cream Cheese Frosting
A soft egg dough filled with dark chocolate filling is baked and coated with a sweet cream cheese icing. They're a great addition to any holiday brunch table.
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chocolate rolls with cream cheese frosting

4. Baked Powdered Sugar Chocolate Donuts

Sugar Dusted Baked Chocolate Donuts
These super fluffy, easy to bake chocolate donuts are tossed in powdered sugar for a classic appearance and taste. They're a fun and simple way to add a sweet treat to any brunch.
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donuts stacked on a tray

5. Chocolate and Ginger Filled Bread

Ginger Chocolate Filled Bread
A simple, sweet yeast dough is filled with a creamy chocolate and ginger filling that bakes right in. The recipe guides you through making the elegant plaited design and how to drizzle chocolate on top for a beautiful finishing touch.
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Chocolate donuts in powdered sugar, chocolate donuts with mini chocolate easter eggs on top, and chocolate hot cross buns.
#4 top, #2 bottom left, #1 bottom right

6. Orange and Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

6. Chocolate and Orange Hot Cross Buns with Orange Honey Butter
Chocolate and orange are a natural pair, especially in warm, homemade bread like this take on hot cross buns. Don't forget the orange honey butter on top!
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hot cross buns with orange slices and orange honey butter

4. Gourmet Easter Candy Bark

Gourmet Easter Candy Bark
This chocolate bark can be topped with your candies of choice, from jelly beans to colorful chocolates, gummies, or sprinkles. It's a great way to customize treats and it freezes well too!
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5. Homemade Peanut Butter Eggs

Homemade Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs
Creamy peanut butter and chocolate coating with your choice of Easter inspired sprinkles make these the perfect basket filler. Best part is they're stable out of the fridge and made with just 5 ingredients you'll recognize!
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6. Dried Fruit + White Chocolate Bark

White Chocolate Dried Fruit Bark
Spring colors make this white chocolate bark a perfect Easter treat for adults. Dried fruit and nuts balance out the sweet white chocolate for a festive bite that is elegant and welcome amongst the intensely sweet traditional confections.
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white chocolate bark with dried colorful fruit on top
chocolate peanut butter eggs, chocolate rocky road with pink marshmallows and chocolate eggs, and chocolate bark with easter sugar cookie dough.
#5 top left, #7 top right, #8 bottom

7. Easter Rocky Road

Easter Rocky Road
Three types of chocolate and tons of Easter-themed fillings make this treat a win for everyone. It's the perfect make ahead dessert for baskets or to make entertaining that day much easier.
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A stack of chocolate slices filled with easter egg candy and marshmallows.
Sugar Cookie Dough Bark
This fun version of holiday chocolate bark uses a safe-to-eat cookie dough that can be customized not just to Easter, but any holiday. Kids and adults would both love this combo of chocolate and cookie dough!
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chocolate bark with cookie dough and Easter candy on top.

9. Easter Egg Creme Fudge

Easter Creme Egg Microwave Fudge
If you need an easy and fun treat for baskets, this microwave fudge is it. Chocolatey and loaded with creme eggs, it's the perfect homemade chocolate dessert for Easter.
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A plate of chocolate fudge filled with Easter egg creme candies.

10. Healthy Dark Chocolate Marshmallows

Healthy Dark Chocolate Marshmallows
If neon Peeps aren't your thing, but you want that marshmallow Easter treat, try these homemade chocolate marshmallows. They're fluffy clouds of cocoa goodness and they're made with ingredients you'll recognize and feel good sharing with kids, friends, and family.
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a white bowl of homemade dark chocolate marshmallows

11. Birds Nest Cookies

Birds Nest Cookies
This no-bake chocolate dessert is an Easter classic, and a great recipe for kids to get involved with. Check out this version for tons of different ideas on what to use for the 'nests' so you can make them just how your family will like.
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12. Chocolate Covered Easter Strawberries

Chocolate Covered Easter Strawberries
Chocolate covered strawberries are WAY to delicious to save just for Valentine's day, and Easter is the perfect time of year to make them. Use those fresh spring strawberries, chocolate, and your favorite Easter decorations to make a really yummy treat easily.
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a platter of chocolate covered strawberries decorated for Easter.

13. Peeps S’mores Dip

Peeps S’mores Dip
Whether you need to use up a bunch of Peeps or you just want to delight your kids with a colorful chocolate dessert, this festive S'mores dip is perfect! Use your chocolate of choice and load up the marshmallows for a dessert dip everyone will love.
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14. Extremely Addictive Milk Chocolate Peanut Bites

Milk Chocolate Peanut Bites
Everything you love about Reese's, but BETTER. Homemade chocolate peanut bites have peanut butter, milk chocolate, and crunchy peanuts to make a delicious treat that doesn't need to be refrigerated. Perfect for baskets or a treat for yourself.
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a pile of chocolate cups topped with peanuts and a white chocolate drizzle

15. Chocolate Easter Cake Pops

Easter Cake Pops
These chocolate cake pops are dipped in a festive chocolate coating and decorated with Easter themed sprinkles to make a bright and cheery dessert everyone will love. Check out the recipe to get more tips on making them perfect or customizing flavors.
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chocolate cake pops coated in green candy melts with easter sprinkles
3 tier chocolate cake with blue speckled frosting, chocolate cake with mini chocolate pastel eggs on top, and chocolate bundt cake with chocolate drizzle.
#18 top, #16 bottom left, #17 bottom right

16. Easter Egg Nest Cake

Easter Egg Nest Cake
This gluten and nut free dark chocolate cake is decadent, delicious, and topped with colorful candy eggs to make a perfect dessert for after Easter Dinner. It's simple and elegant and of course, tastes great!
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chocolate cake topped with chocolate cream and colored chocolate easter eggs

17. Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake

Chocolate Orange Bundt Cake
Bundt cakes are an Easter tradition in some parts of the world, and this one will not disappoint. Rich orange infused chocolate cake drizzled with a gorgeous chocolate glaze is guaranteed to be the perfect finish to your Easter dinner.
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bundt cake with chocolate glaze being poured over it on a white cake stand

18. Robin’s Egg Cake

Robin’s Egg Cake
This showstopper cake is made with layers of malted chocolate cake and frosted with a gorgeous pastel blue that's perfect for Easter. It's a beautiful recipe that any home cook will be proud to slice and serve to guests.
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a three tiered malt chocolate cake with robin's egg blue speckled frosting.

19. Creme Egg Brownies

Creme Egg Brownies
These rich and fudgy chocolate brownies are decadent and perfect for Easter. They're topped and baked with creme eggs for a special touch that celebrate the favorite flavors of the holiday.
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chocolate brownies topped with creme eggs.

20. Instant Pot Chocolate Custard

Easter Chocolate Custard
This instant pot recipe is perfect for home cooks who need a delicious dessert quickly but still want to impress. Creamy chocolate custard topped with chocolate cookie 'soil' and adorable chocolate coated strawberry 'carrots' makes this Easter dessert just right.
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creamy chocolate cusard topped with oreo dirt and orange chocolate covered strawberries

21. Creme Egg Cookies

Creme Egg Cookies
If you want decadence in cookie form these fudgy, triple chocolate creme egg cookies are it. A Easter creme egg is stuffed in the middle of chocolate cookie dough that's rolled in chocolate chips and baked to gooey, delicious perfection.
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brownies with creme eggs, mille feuille with chocolate ganache layers, and cheesecake filled chocolate easter eggs.
#19 top left, #22 top right, #24 bottom

22. Easter Chocolate Caramel Egg Mille Feuille

Easter Chocolate Caramel Egg Mille Feuille
This gorgeous dessert is perfect for a formal Easter dinner, guests you want to impress, or just to treat yourself to something fancy. Layers of flaky sweetened pastry sandwich a rich chocolate custard and is topped with caramel eggs to finish off the Easter look.
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a layered dessert with flaky pastry, chocolate custard, nuts and caramel easter eggs stacked in three layers.

23. Easter Dirt Dessert

Easter Dirt Dessert
While the adults enjoy their fancy dessert, whip up these healthy (and vegan!) chocolate dirt desserts for the kids. Chocolate mousse is layered with a quick and easy crumble of flourless chocolate cake then topped with candied carrots to complete the garden look.
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24. Easter Egg Cheesecake

Easter Egg Cheesecake
This fun and beautiful Easter chocolate dessert tastes as good as it looks. Large hollow eggs are split and filled with a biscuit base, luscious cheesecake and finished with more Easter chocolates.
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large hollow easter eggs filled with cheesecake and Easter candy eggs.

By now you’re likely bursting with inspiration for a cute and festive chocolate filled Easter. I hope you have fun adding them to your menu and kid’s baskets, I sure will! Don’t forget to check out my 36+ Chocolate desserts and 15+ Chocolate and Vanilla Desserts to keep soaking up that cocoa love. Happy Easter!

Nutrition information and cooking times are provided as a best estimate. Values may vary based upon ingredients and equipment.

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  1. I’m getting totally in Easter mood with your great round up. The first thing I’ll try soon is the healthy dark chocolate marshmallows, although I doubt that they will last till Ester;)