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Browse hundreds of unique, from scratch recipes and cooking guides designed to help home cooks of any skill level. Taste the difference that fresh, flavorful, seasonal recipes can make for your family! Start getting ready for the fresh fruit and vegetables of spring by checking out the delicious meals in my season Spring Recipes category today.


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Recipes for Spring
a bowl of creamy tomato soup
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Tomato Carrot Soup

This easy stove top tomato carrot soup can be made with spring carrots and canned tomatoes or with fresh tomatoes and carrots in the fall. It’s a two season soup that’s full of nutritional goodness and big flavor, with just a handful of easy ingredients. Lately I’ve been really focused on upping my soup game…

a jar of carrot top pesto with a spoon in it
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Carrot Top Pesto

Carrot top pesto is a delicious way to reduce food waste in your kitchen and highlight a healthy, flavorful green that’s in season both spring and fall. With just a food processor you can transform nuts, herbs, olive oil, roasted garlic and carrot greens into a delicious sandwich spread or pasta topping.  Food waste is…

shrimp rice bowls with chipotle sauce drizzled on top
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Chipotle Shrimp Bowl Recipe

This Chipotle Shrimp Bowl Recipe uses rice, avocado, and a crunchy purple slaw to make tender shrimp a delicious and healthy meal. Add a drizzle of easy to make chipotle sauce and enjoy the subtle, creamy spice in every bite. I distinctly remember my first ‘rice bowl’ meal. It was a place called Yum Bowl…

a black bowl with stir fried green beans, chicken, and rice
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Stir Fried Chicken with Green Beans

Stir Fried Chicken and Green Beans is a quick stovetop meal that uses a sweet and savory homemade sauce to create a delicious family friendly dinner. Use my tips to have juicy chicken, tender crisp green beans, and the perfect sauce every time. Stir fry was actually one of the very first things I ever…

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mikayla author of the flour handprint standing in a kitchen with a cup of coffee

Hi, I’m Mikayla, a foodie mom who LOVES to cook, eat, and feed my family fresh, flavorful seasonal foods. Here you’ll find unique, from scratch recipes and cooking guides designed to help home cooks of any skill level master flavor and technique and deliver delicious, real food to the table.
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