15+ Chocolate and Vanilla Desserts

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Chocolate and Vanilla are a match made in heaven, and these heavenly dessert recipes maximize on that delicious flavor combo. Discover over a dozen amazing ideas to inspire your next chocolate vanilla dessert.

There’s a reason why you can always opt for a swirl cone at the soft serve place. Chocolate and vanilla, while different, go together so naturally that they compliment each other in the best way. 

Heck, even in decadent pure chocolate recipes, we often include vanilla extract to enhance the flavor!

Just wander through my site and my love for chocolate is everywhere, from my cooking with chocolate guide to countless recipes. 

But I also love vanilla, and make my own extract because I use it voraciously and never run out. (It also tastes better). So what could be better than a collection of inspiring, delicious recipes that combine the two classics into one tasty dessert. 

I think this list will speak for itself. Don’t worry about trying to decide if you like chocolate or vanilla – every one of these 15+ recipes celebrates both!

chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream on an open liner

How could I not start the list off with the MOST classic of combos – vanilla frosted, moist chocolate cupcakes. Bonus is, with this recipe both the cupcakes and frosting will only take you about 20 minutes! From The Flour Handprint

This next iconic pairing comes from Keep Calm and Eat Ice Cream, where you can learn to make Homemade Oreos. Crispy, crunchy chocolate cookies and creamy vanilla filling are perfect for dipping in milk.

These Chewy Halva Brownies from Barley & Sage have all the fudgy, rich decadence of brownies with a swirl of vanilla halva. Never heard of halva? Just call it a vanilla tahini swirl and let the cravings begin.

Can’t wait for dessert? Try these Chocolate Waffles with Vanilla Swirl and enjoy a breakfast treat! Or take the delicious advice from Eat the Love and serve them with a heap of ice cream and chocolate syrup for dessert.

Love to watch the Great British Bake Off and want to try your hand at a classic UK bake? This vanilla and Chocolate Battenberg Cake from Waiting for Blancmange is the perfect, tasty place to begin.

Emily Leary has your chocolate and vanilla dreams covered with this creamy, decadent Marble Cheesecake. The hint of salt in the dark chocolate and a crisp, buttery base make this dessert extra perfect.

Creamy vanilla cashew filling and a crisp dark chocolate shell make these Vanilla Cashew Butter Cups from The Endless Meal irresistible. Plus, they’re even good for you, bonus!

These Mini Eclairs from Mindee’s Cooking Obsession are the perfect decadent treat for yourself or a crowd. Creamy vanilla custard and chocolate ganache are a flavor combo everyone will love.

Look at those perfect swirls! Moist Marble Bundt Cake features a tender blend of rich chocolate and vanilla. Take the advice from I Heart Eating and don’t skip the chocolate ganache on top!

Nutella Cheesecake Brownies are about to steal your heart. This recipe from Quiche My Grits features a rich chocolate base, creamy vanilla cheesecake, and a bonus swirl of Nutella to make them dreamy.

Make any cupcake look like that perfect soft serve cone with this Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Frosting. Head over to Shugary Sweets to learn how to create that luscious, gorgeous swirl of flavor.

Creamy No Bake Chocolate Cheesecake Jars feature 3 layered of indulgence. Cooking with Carlee will show you how to make the vanilla cream cheese whipped topping, luscious chocolate cheesecake, and chocolate cookie crust without turning your oven on!

chocolate filled vanilla cookies in heart shapes

A crisp cookie with creamy chocolate filling and drizzle sounds like the perfect little treat with a glass of milk. Check out these Vanilla Sandwich cookies from Living Healthy with Chocolate for a tasty, cute dessert.

two layer chocolate and vanilla pudding from Pastry and Beyond

These layered, from-scratch puddings are simple to make, and make it easy to enjoy both flavors with every bite. Head over to Pastry and Beyond to get this delicious Vanilla & Chocolate Pudding recipe.

chocolate cake topped with vanilla flan and caramel

This stunning Chocoflan recipe from The Anthony Kitchen features decadent chocolate cake topped with a perfectly set, creamy flan custard. Drizzle over the caramel and you’ll enjoy every bite of these chocolate vanilla layers.

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