10+ Loquat Recipes

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For every owner of a loquat tree or lover of all things loquats, this collection of loquat recipes will help you use up your yearly harvest in delicious and creative ways. From preserves to desserts and even savory meals, loquats are as diverse as you want them to be.

4 loquat recipes photographed, jam, a curry, a cocktail, and a cobbler

I had my first loquat 4 years ago, and I was immediately obsessed. They’re this unique little fruit that eat like a sweet stone fruit, but have a hint of tart citrus. It’s like they’d rubbed shoulders with a meyer lemon somewhere along the way to my kitchen.

Every year I look forward to my local orchard opening up their u-pick loquat season. I always try to get several pounds of them to use in my desserts and jams. But, every year I also get questions from owners of loquat trees who are as desperate to find a way to use up the abundant fruit as I am to get my hands on them!

This collection of loquat recipes are for those lucky (yes I think you’re lucky!) loquat tree owners, and for people like me who seek them out. I hope you find some delicious inspiration here, and I look forward to expanding the collection as more years go by!

Loquat Preserve Recipes

loquat jam in a small jar

My sweet and tangy, 1 hour loquat jam requires no pectin and is spiced by ginger and vanilla to compliment loquats. It’s a fan favorite and as with all preserve recipes on my blog, canning instructions are included for long term storage!

Loquat jam from Petersfoodadventures with a loaf of sliced bread

Peter’s loquat jam recipe also features vanilla bean, and after a stove top cook, it delivers a sweet, dark jam that cooks down for a perfect spread on your morning toast. Delicious!

Loquat Dessert Recipes

a white pie plate with baked loquat cobbler with a white towel beside it

My loquat cobbler is delicious and easy. Sweet sugar coated loquats are baked to gooey perfection and topped with a sweet, almond studded cakey cobbler topping for a tasty spring dessert.

A loquat upside down cake from Little Sunny Kitchen on a wooden table

Skip the pineapple and instead try this caramelized loquat upside down cake from Little Sunny Kitchen. It’s quick, easy, and best of all moist and delicious.

a loquat apple crumble in a red baking dish from petersfoodadventures

We’re back with Petersfoodadventures for this tasty loquat apple crumble. Enjoy brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg in this sweetly spiced loquat dessert.

Savory Loquat Recipes

loquat pickle in a jar with fresh loquats around it from Madhu's Everyday Indian

Try this instant loquat pickle from Madhu’s Everyday Indian for a delicious, spiced side using fresh loquats. Chili powder, mustard seeds, and fenugreek make this recipe savory and unforgettable!

loquat vinaigrette in a jar with fresh lettuce and loquats, from Paleo Scaleo

This simple homemade Loquat Vinaigrette from Paleo Scaleo uses just a handful of ingredients to highlight loquat flavor. Drizzle some of this citrusy, bright dressing over any spring salad!

a bowl of loquat potato curry over rice with naan from Madhu's Everyday Indian

Madhu’s Everyday Indian has a savory loquat recipe you can serve for dinner, even to your vegan friends. This potato loquat curry is full of rich spices and big flavor.


A loquat cocktail with lemon and a cherry from Little Sunny Kitchen

When you’re done harvesting from your tree, I think a cool and refreshing loquat vodka cocktail will be in order! This bright, summery drink is the delightful creation of Little Sunny Kitchen.

A loquat lassi or yogurt smoothie from Madhu's Everyday Indian

This loquat smoothie is a delicious variation on an Indian lassi from Madhu’s Everyday Indian. Yogurt, pistachio, and dates transform loquats into a creamy smoothie.

Loquat spinach smoothie in a mason jar from little Sunny Kitchen

For the green smoothie lovers, this spinach loquat smoothie is the nutritional, but delicious, snack you’re after. Little Sunny Kitchen delivers again with a tasty, easy recipe you’ll love.

There you have it! A collection from myself and other loquat loving food bloggers to help you use up this years harvest, and maybe inspire a little recipe creating of your own. Loquats are so unique and delicious, and as you can see, surprisingly versatile!

Stop by my Loquat Guide if you’re curious to learn more about them, and get all the facts you’ll need. As always, happy eating foodie friends!

Nutrition information and cooking times are provided as a best estimate. Values may vary based upon ingredients and equipment.

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